Ultra Pasteurized

Farmland Fresh Dairies ultra pasteurized assortment combines all of the purity of our fresh products with "state of the art" steam pasteurization processes to ensure exceptional taste and performance.
Our ultra pasteurized cream products are free of rBST growth hormone and antibiotics. We have extended the shelf life of these items without forsaking any quality aspects of the assortment. Locally sourced and protected by unmatched supply chain quality assurance disciplines, our "ultra" products will delight as an ingredient or as a delicious enhancement to your favorite foods and beverages.

40% Heavy Cream

Exceptionally rich, our 40% cream has many culinary uses in both sweet and savory dishes. Used as an ingredient in many foods including sauces, soups, desserts, etc. Tastes and performs like fresh product.

36% Heavy Cream

Wonderful body and creaminess with less butterfat than our 40% product. Perfect for whipping and for many other culinary uses. Tastes and performs like fresh product.

Light Cream

Our 18% butterfat product is an ideal accompaniment for the coffee lover who desires a richer taste. Light cream can also be utilized as a substitute in many recipes if one is looking to reduce the fat content, but still maintain richness.

Half and Half

A mixture of milk and cream, and primarily used for coffee and as a topping for fresh fruit.

Premium Egg Nog

Delicious, creamy holiday drink that can also be used as an ingredient in french toast, ice cream and puddings.