CULTURED DAIRY ...and more
Farmland Fresh Dairies is intent upon providing a full dairy assortment of consumer favorites based on the critical attributes that have been our cornerstone for decades... no hormones added/rBST free, no antibiotics, local sourcing, kosher certified, and unmatched supply chain quality assurance. Our ongoing initiative is to continuously add items with our consumers' needs and desires in mind. Our current assortment will dramatically grow in the months and years ahead.

Sour Cream

Rich and thick, our hormone free / rBST free sour cream Is widely used as a condiment, and as an Ingredient In creamy salad dressings and as a topping for desserts and fresh fruit. When used In cake recipes, It creates Incredible flavor. Our product stands up and maintains Its characteristics on hot foods such as Tex-Mex cuisine and eastern European soups.

Whole Milk Dahi yogurt

Based on the traditional Indian homestyle preparation, our Dahi is a vegetarian, rBST free cup set yogurt with the perfect characteristics for use in dressings, as a topping for hot entrees, in drinks and on its own throughout the day. The clean, crisp taste adds a special essence to all your favorite foods. Contains active problotic cultures.


Our delicious cultured lowfat buttermilk enhances the flavor and texture of your family favorites....pancakes and waffles, biscuits, dressings, cakes, cornbread and as a coating batter for frying or baking. Fresh and pure, containing active cultures with no hormones added and no stabilizers.

Aerosol Real Whipped Light Cream

100% REAL Whipped light cream. A taste sensation that will brighten your berries and define your desserts. Our small batch process creates a homestyle whipped cream that you will proudly add to your family favorites. Pure, fresh taste with no hormones added / rBST free.

Grade A Large Eggs

Incredibly nutritious and delicious. Protein packed, with zero carbs, zero sugar and gluten free. Farm Fresh and ready to fry, scramble, poach and as a key Ingredient In quiche, souffles, frittatas, and baked goods.