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Farmland Fresh Dairies

We have a wonderful heritage dating back over 100 years.

Our core values of exceptional quality, customer care, and innovation continue to be the foundation of the Farmland brand.

Farmland Fresh Dairies began as a small dairy farm in Fair Lawn, N.J. in 1914. Hand milking a herd of 30 cows, "Max Goldman's Dairy" delivered to local homes in the traditional "horse and wagon" manner... ladling out raw milk from stainless steel cans to the community he served. Driven by quality and service, the business steadily grew for decades. During the early 1940's, the Goldman family chose to focus on the processing and packaging areas of the business as pasteurization techniques provided an option to purchase raw milk from local New Jersey farmers. A processing facility was built on the Fair Lawn property and the Goldman's home served as their first office. The brand "Fair Lawn Dairies" was born during this period. Soon thereafter, a merger with a successful Paterson, N.J. dairy named Farmland occurred and the "go to market" name became "Farmland Fair Lawn Dairies". The business began to grow quickly as the high quality product line became the consumer favorite.
In 1970, Farmland built a "state of the art" facility in Wallington, N.J. and the company's name was shortened to "Farmland Dairies". Historical, industry changing events began to occur. Farmland led the industry in recognizing the consumer's desire for superior quality and demanded a "no hormones added / rBST free" milk supply from its farmers. Other companies followed Farmland's lead. Farmland introduced Skim Plus, the most successful value added milk product in the history of the industry.

In 1987, Farmland broke through the dominance of New York processors by successfully challenging the constitutionality of New York's milk laws and entered the NY market as the first NJ company ever to do so. To millions of consumers, Farmland was a hero. "Holy Cow We Won!" trumpeted the New York Post. The New York Times called Farmland the "Dairy that Won the East". Statements and letters came pouring in...."I pledge to buy Farmland Dairies milk and will urge my friends to do so" wrote a man from West 74th Street.
More recently, the Farmland brand enjoyed expansion into the Southeast and Midwest markets through ultra pasteurized cream programs. Farmland continued to demonstrate a focus on healthy products as the first processor in NJ to introduce the "New Look of School Milk", a plastic school milk program that stimulated an increase in kids' consumption by over 20% where executed. A national "Leadership in School Milk" award was presented to the company for its efforts.

In early 2014, the former family business became a family business once again. The Malave family, whose father started as a one truck entrepreneur delivering milk to homes in Queens, New York 50 years ago, purchased Farmland from the Borden Dairy Company. Drawing from a wonderful legacy and adding the determination to continuously improve, the business was renamed "Farmland Fresh Dairies", a perfect blend of historical strength and superior quality.
The care and service that were the cornerstones in 1914 continue to be the driving force today. The fresh, great taste in every Farmland product, based on "no hormones added / rBST free" sourcing and impeccable quality assurance, guide everything we produce for our loyal and growing customer base.